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The Why behind the what

Where is your contribution going?

Certainly not toward an individual teacher's gazillion-dollar mansion on a hill fund and sweet ride to boot. We believe every cent given is a cent returned to the Lord who provided it. We give because all that we have has been given to us by God; we are simply stewards of His resources. Those resources, if to be blessed, should be given toward works which glorify God. We believe the work we at Emmaus Road RBC have given ourselves to will, although not always perfectly, accomplish just that.

What are we doing exactly?
Establishing the first confessional Reformed Baptist Church in Colorado Springs, CO.; we believe that is a pretty big deal.



First, confessional churches have the distinct advantage of referring to wisdom handed down over the centuries from those wise in Scripture contending for the Faith. The London Baptist 1689 Confession of Faith, as noted in its introduction, is "a tried and true teaching tool. It lays out the faith in a clear, systematic way and shows the connections among doctrines. It also serves as a standard by which teaching in the church can be measured." Instead of making up a statement, thus reinventing the wheel, we believe this confession lays a valuable foundation for the following concerns. 

Second, Reformed theology holds a high view of the local assembly and its membership, which demands a certain purity of doctrine and piety in practice that is grounded in Scripture; all the while being humbly subject to the checking and corrective reforming authority of Scripture. We believe the Baptist Covenental distinction to be the most coherent and internally consistent with the overall message of Scripture. As such, it presents significant challenges to alternative perspectives of the Kingdom of God, who its citizens are, and what they are to do until its consummation. Such is a dreadful thing for those seeking a privatized spirituality, those desperate to resist the clear command of Scripture eagerly awaiting in vain to escape from their present responsibilities in Christ to go to 'a better place.' The Church is called to be the salt and light of the Gospel among those whom God has placed here and now, in a world He is reconciling to Himself. 

Third, as particular Baptists, we maintain that one must be elect in Christ who will make a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, turn from their sin, and be baptized according to the Lord's command. These are all called to be an active member of the Church doing the work of ministry in their respective communities. How are we to know who is among us in Christ without a public profession of faith or baptism? How will those appointed as leaders give an account to the Lord in how they shepherded if the flock cannot be accounted? Without a firm membership, a community in Christ bound by a covenantal agreement to serve one another and their neighbor in the love of Christ, how is a 'church' being the Church? When church membership is held in low esteem, perceived as a deterrent to growing numbers and or is disbanded due to lack of utility, one can expect those 'churches' to slowly decay from the inside out.

Finally, we believe the Church only grows by the faithful declaration of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ, working toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission given by our Lord before taking his proper seat on His throne where he presently reigns into eternity. The entire Church is to be equipped for the work of ministry and is responsible to carry out the Lord's command to take the Gospel to every tongue, tribe, and nation. We are honored to be part of such an amazing mission, one which has eternal significance. 


We believe these changes will be refreshing, encouraging, and strengthening to those seeking a community in the Faith to do life with, and to those newborns that the Lord chooses to add to our number.   


For those eager to be involved in the above work, your partnership is appreciated. 

In Christ, 


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If visiting in person, there is no need to give out of compulsion. If led, we have provided a time of offering during every service, and have a box at the entrance.  

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